18 Hole Senior League

4/16/2019 9:00 AM - 8/13/2019 10:00 AM

Our 18-Hole senior league plays every Tuesday morning and is open to all senior golfers ages 60 years and older.  Individual weekly games along with a team scoring format will be used throughout the course of the league season.

9 Hole Senior League

5/1/2019 8:00 AM - 8/14/2019 9:00 AM

Our 9-Hole senior league plays every Wednesday morning and is open to all senior golfers, both men and women, ages 60 years and older.  Individual weekly games along with a team scoring format will be used throughout the course of the league season.

Active Starters

1/29/2019 11:00 AM - 12/31/2019 11:00 AM

This program is scheduled weekly for the young beginner junior to see if they show interest in the game. They will enjoy some fun sports skills need to play golf and various activities.

Adult Beginner League

5/13/2019 6:30 PM

Our beginner league is designed to allow beginning players an opportunity to experience the golf course in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  This league will help you meet other people at your own playing level while enjoying your development.

Adult Driving Range Membership

4/1/2019 7:00 AM - 11/1/2019 7:00 PM

Save time and money at the range! When you sign up for the Driving Range Membership you get unlimited use of range balls and use of our practice facility. You can take advantage of our well manicured driving range April 1st through November 1st from dawn until dusk.

Boys Golf Club - Level 1

1/27/2019 12:30 PM - 10/27/2019 12:30 PM

This program is the perfect introduction to golf for juniors ages 7-11 years old.  This program is designed to work on the fundamentals of golf.  We will always emphasize a fun environment which fosters a learning experience for each junior.  Each class will be filled with exercises, game-oriented training and an introduction to the rules of golf. The student to instructor ratio is 8:1.

Drive, Chip & Putt Bootcamp

5/5/2019 6:00 PM - 6/23/2019 7:00 PM

Prepare for the US Kids Golf “Drive Chip and Putt” competitions with guided instruction, fun skills practice, and mock competitions in three 90-minute sessions.  

Early Birdies

4/29/2019 6:30 PM - 6/24/2019 7:15 PM

Evening golf practice sessions include instruction, range balls and  practice tips from Anne throughout the early golf season.

Fox Classic Junior League

6/18/2019 10:00 AM - 8/14/2019 10:00 AM

The Fox Classic Junior League is a non-competitive weekly 9-Hole golf league intended for junior golfers ages 8-14 with playing experience.  This league offers no formal instruction.  Supervisory staff will be present to monitor pace of play and etiquette.

Fox Classic Men's League

5/6/2019 5:00 PM - 8/19/2019 5:00 PM

The Fox Classic Men’s League is open all golfers 18 years and older of any skill level.  Our men's league offers a great opportunity to network with other members of the community, improve your golf game and keep your handicap up to date.  Space is limited to 24 players, so sign up now!

Girls Golf Club Level 1

5/11/2019 9:00 AM - 8/10/2019 9:00 AM

This fun program provides the opportunity for girls to play golf, build friendships and sample competition in a positive and supportive environment.  We are proud to offer this LPGA and USGA sponsored program and look forward to another exciting season.

Girls Golf Club- Level 2

5/11/2019 10:30 AM - 8/10/2019 8:30 AM

This program is a great second stage of growth for girl junior golfers ages 13-17, to develop their skill set to help take them to the next level. The program is conducted in a fun,low-stress, team oriented environment to bring out the best performance as they prepare for competitive junior golf. Classes include long term athletic development, swing training, short game skills, putting and competitions. The student to instructor ratio is 8:1 


Junior Camp

6/24/2019 9:00 AM - 8/23/2019 12:00 PM

Junior camps provide a fun opportunity for beginner and intermediate juniors to be educated about the game. Junior players will experience the importance of safety, respect, patience, integrity, self-discipline, and self-motivation. This camp is designed with TPI Fitness component and our goal is to grow interest in the sport while improving skills and knowledge. On-course experiences and training are beneficial to our junior campers.


Junior Membership

4/1/2019 9:00 AM - 11/1/2019 7:00 PM

 Unlimited Golf on Fox Classic    

 Unlimited Golf on Strategic Fox

 Unlimited Driving Range Use


Ladies League

5/7/2019 6:30 PM - 8/6/2019 6:30 PM

Our 9-Hole Ladies league is open to golfers of all abilities.  Whether a beginner or advanced player, the Ladies League will provide a fun and social element to your week. There will be divisions for this season; you will need to decide whether you would like to play in the FUN or COMPETITIVE division.  The fun division is for golfers who would rather have a relaxed time than focus on their score; this is not a serious and competitive division.  The competitive division offers friendly competition to let your competitive edge guide your game and challenges you to be better.  Although there are two divisions, both will have the same benefits.


4/28/2019 4:00 PM - 9/1/2019 4:00 PM

Season long on course challenges with coach supervision designed to help players become more acclimated to the game and competitive golf.

PGA Junior League

6/15/2019 2:00 PM - 7/31/2019 3:00 PM

Fox Hills PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA Professionals.  PGA Jr. League is a healthy activity that gets kids outdoors, and its scramble format builds confidence and encourages sportsmanship among boys and girls of all skill levels.


Senior Swingers

5/2/2019 11:30 AM - 8/29/2019 11:30 AM

Senior Swingers meet weekly for morning swing practice sessions at the Golden Fox driving range. Each session includes instruction, range balls, and practice tips from  Anne throughout the golf season.

Short Game Area Membership

4/1/2019 7:00 AM - 11/1/2019 7:00 PM

Fox Hills short game facility is one of a kind and will provide those that purchase a membership with an unrivaled short game practice arena to improve their game. The greens are designed to accommodate shots up to 80 yards as well as for sand, lob wedge, and bump and run play. There are bunkers of varying depths surrounding these pristine greens with hollows mowed at both fairway and rough heights. Imagination is the only limit to shot variety in the Fox Hills Short Game area.

Short Game Doubles- Two Players, Two Days

4/30/2019 6:00 PM - 8/25/2019 6:45 PM

One 90 minute fundamentals lesson and one 60 minute on-course lesson for putting, chipping, pitching, and sand play. Learn the skills and then apply them on the course focusing on club and shot selection and playing from unusual lies.


Short Game Schools

5/3/2019 3:00 PM - 6/21/2019 4:00 PM

Learn how to lower your score with proper technique and strategies around and on the green.  Included with the school is a SAM Putt analysis, a putter recommendation, gamification of drills for your development and a practice plan created specifically for your needs.  Each Short Game participate will have access to the Fox Hills Short Game Area for one month after the date of your Short Game School.


Strategic Fox Junior League

6/18/2019 9:00 AM - 8/14/2019 9:00 AM

The Strategic Fox Junior League is a non-competitive weekly 9-Hole golf league that allows junior golfers ages 6-11 to learn the basics of playing golf and become more comfortable with the game on our Strategic Fox Par 3 Course.  This league offers no formal instruction.  Supervisory staff will be present to monitor pace of play and etiquette. 

Wine, Women, and Wedges

6/7/2019 5:30 PM - 8/16/2019 5:30 PM

45-60 minute swing clinics followed by wine and cheese plates with optional golf on the Strategic Fox golf course at a reduced rate.

Women's Instructional League

4/9/2019 10:00 AM

Designed for beginner to intermediate players looking to learn while having fun! Each session consists of a 30 minute skills clinic followed by 60 minutes of on course instruction.  

Women's Social League

4/9/2019 10:00 AM - 8/13/2019 6:00 PM

Join our social league for women and participate in a FUN new way to learn, train and play at your own pace.  At the same time, you can feel challenged to get to the next level while on the golf course.  Powered by our Operation36 programming, you will participate in skill development, educational clinics and then be challenged on the course based on your skill level.  In the end, hang out for some food and drink afterwards and make it a social experience with friends or family.

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